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Member of the WHO (World Health Organization Europe)
European Immunization Week Campaign

Members of the workgroup "Communication and vaccination" of the
Gezondheidsconferentie Vaccinaties 2012-2020


We are no doctors, we are only parents who lost their 10 week-old baby on a perfectly vaccine preventable disease, we are totally independent and have no participation at all in any pharmaceutical company although it is clear that we are 100% pro-vaccination.
We only want to share our experience and all what we’ve learned since the death of our baby in order to help other families to avoid the same tragedy.

The information provided on loredarche.be is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice. It is not a replacement for medical care or advice given by professional care givers.

Everyone remains free to apply our hints or not.

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