Day 1 sleeping sugar sugar Day 3 Angel 'sweet dreams

Day 4 Mum's bed for me alone Day 5, waking up Day 13 dreaming of something funny

Day 13, the puzzle is complete ! Day 48 Daddy's telling me a joke Day 48, listening to my Dad

Day 48, stil daddy's jokes Day 48, in my grand mum's arms Day 51, still having fun

Day 51, trying to seduce daddy, ... not that difficult ! Day 51, something interesting on tv ? Hi, this is my sister Liezl

Day 55, and this is Chef Ben, my brother 3D crystal cube In a heart of crystal, forever

heart of flowers my restplace in the livingroom That bear baby girl is my urm

Symposium Vaccinology Antwerp University 18 Feb 2011

Mum speaking at a vax symposiun in University Antwerp Mum speaking at a vax symposium in University Antwerp